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My Sketchbook

Day Two: Illustrating Children's Books

Michelle Vinson

Day two of Illustrating Children's Books included a prompt sketch assignment of hats, a mini assignment to create accessories (with our character in mind) and a message/tutorial from Lilla Rogers. I enjoyed the hats assignment. I was forcing myself to use darker colors than I normally do and a thicker ink width pen. I tend to do things soft and delicate and I feel like this class should focus on my own style, but play and grow a little too. Here are my hats . . .


Next, we had to imagine our character and draw accessories that would go with her/him/it. My character is Eleanor. Below is the style that I do whenever I am feeling stuck or rushed. Sometimes it results in cute patterns and just gets me painting and I love it. Sometimes it feels rush and unfinished. This feels rushed and unfinished. I'll revisit this assignment soon when I have some extra time (before fully diving into the character).