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My Sketchbook

Finding Eleanor . . .

Michelle Vinson


Eleanor is the main character of the text that was provided to us, by Zoe Tucker. We had three options of text and "Pet Problems" was the story that I fell in love with (I'll probably go back and work with the other 2 options too though!) Anyway, this story reminds me of my boys and I enjoy exploring human characters and animals (both included in the story). I drew so many little girls before I THINK I found little Eleanor (most of them not even pictured). Rough pencil drawings, that turned into colored pencil drawings, lots of time spent playing with hair. I am going to try Eleanor with a couple of different outfits and use watercolor (my normal go-to) and again in maybe just black ink. We shall see how she evolves by the end of the 5 weeks.

*At least I have a handful of Eleanor's friends on standby if I ever need them . . .ha!