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My Sketchbook

Week 5 Assignment: Cover!

Michelle Vinson


Week 5! It's the final week. What a great class. I am thrilled with my progress, but also have a long way to go. I have more knowledge about the children's book industry...more than I ever thought I would learn. I have learned about the submission process, what art directors are looking for, how the process works, realistic time lines, character development and being surrounded by so much talent throughout the past 5 weeks has been inspiring.

My Eleanor started out looking like a middle-schooler, then a 7-8 year old and finally the accurate 4-6 year old. My main goal was to create a character that would keep with a consistent look throughout each pose and by the end, I think I made that happen! The fact that I was able to actually make her move was a bonus as well.

 I can't wait to see what the next few years brings and how my style will change (and get better).

Cheers! I'm going to reunite with my family and friends again . . . ha!

xo, Michelle